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War of the Ewings

Aired: Friday, April 24, 1998 CBS 9 PM EST

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Cast of Characters:

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing

Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing

Larry Hagman as JR Ewing

Michelle Johnson as Jennifer Jansen

Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs

George Kennedy as Carter McKay

Tracy Scoggins as Anita Smithfield

Special Guest Stars: Philip Anglim as Peter Ellington, Jerry Jones as himself


War of the Ewings begins with a shot of Bobby Ewing in the shower. He turns around to the camera and says 'Good morning', just as he did thirteen years ago when his wife Pamela woke up from her vividly imagined dream. Sue Ellen Ewing steps into the shower with him and gives him a passionate turns out that this is actually JR Ewing's bad dream. Sue Ellen comes in to his room and wakes him up, reminding him that they're planning to have lunch in Amarillo.

JR reads the morning paper at breakfast, seeing that his company, Weststar Oil, is rated the number 1 independent oil company in Texas. Ewing Oil, currently jointly owned by Bobby and Sue Ellen, is second.

JR asks his banker, John Savory, to get him a loan so he can plan a hostile takeover of Ewing Oil. He's told that his net worth won't cover such a large amount. Anita Smithfield, JR's lawyer and lover comes over and JR tells her he's tired of making offers to get Ewing Oil back - he plans on splitting Bobby and Sue Ellen up in a 'divide and conquer' setup. He also tells her that he has discovered geological reports that indicate there's oil under Ray Krebbs' ranch, which JR intends to use a collateral for his loan.

The Ewings have lunch at a place called the Ranch House. Some guy hits on Sue Ellen and Bobby slugs him, initiating a barfight. Bobby wins, with a minor assist from Sue Ellen and a big assist from Ray Krebbs, who turns up out of nowhere. JR hides behind an overturned table. It turns out JR paid the guys to stage the fight for his own purposes - he gets them to throw him out gently to complete the charade. Ray tells the Ewings that he's returned to do some work for a European oil company. JR scoffs at the cowboy trying to play the oilman's game.

Later, Ray confides in Bobby that he's broke, and the ranch is mortgaged several times over. Bobby offers to help and asks Ray to help him out at the ranch while he's around.

Sue Ellen meets with Carter McKay and his associate Peter Ellington, a guy with a nose for oil. McKay offers Sue Ellen a proposition that will make Ewing Oil bigger than Weststar. He knows about some hidden oil reserves but won't tell Sue Ellen where they are unless she makes him a partner in Ewing Oil. It turns out that they plan to buy up the mortgage on Ray's ranch and use those oil reserves.

JR's limo is full with his luggage so he hitches a ride with Sue Ellen to the airport. During the ride, JR sows the first seeds of dissension, aking Sue Ellen feel like she's the real driving force behind Ewing Oil while Bobby just tags along for the ride. Jus then JR's limo explodes. A bomb was planted to kill him. Bobby and JR discuss the day's events and JR tells him that while Sue Ellen may be firm and strong on the outside she's really a very fragile person.

JR makes overtures to Sue Ellen, claiming he still needs and wants her companionship but he reaches too far and Sue Ellen suspects that he set up the whole bombing to make her sympathetic to him, in order to get a piece of Ewing Oil. Anita tells JR that Sue Ellen and Bobby are negotiating with McKay. She also mentions that Ray is badly in debt and the mortgage is due soon, so JR better act fast.

Stunning Jennifer Jansen, CEO of Jansen Oil, comes to see JR from Europe. She wants JR to help her find some other independents in Texas to deal with. He suggests Ewing Oil and arranges a meeting, figuring the Jennifer will easily be able to distract Bobby and cut a good deal.

While Bobby and Ray fix up some fences cut down by rustlers, Ray mentions that he saw some guys loading up cattle in a truck. They head over to investigate and the rustlers start shooting at them. Fortunately, some ranch hands come by with guns to even the odds. Daring Ray manages to force their surrender by outmanoeuvring them as the police arrive.

The guys are quickly bailed out by JR, who set up the rustling scheme to try to get Bobby away from the office. JR berates them for bringing guns along, against his orders. The guys tell him the plan would have succeeded if not for Ray.

Bobby and Sue Ellen meet with McKay again. Bobby is still hesitant to proceed with the deal because of McKay's cutthroat nature and he knows he's just in the oil game for his own ends. Sue Ellen sees his hesitation as lacking 'the killer instinct', as JR told her before. Bobby wishes he could set it all aside and just stay on the ranch.

JR introduces Jennifer to Bobby [who's charmed] and Sue Ellen [who's not] at a hotel. He explains Jennifer's situation and asks Bobby to take Jennifer back to her hotel. Bobby does one better and asks Jennifer to dinner to discuss their deal. JR meets Anita in the lobby of the hotel and a shot is fired in his direction, barely missing.

Bobby and Jennifer eat at Weststar's private box at Texas Stadium, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes an apperance. Jennifer lets slip that she knows that McKay is planning to join Ewing Oil, which tips Bobby off that she's probably spying for JR. He immediately leaves.

Ray tells Sue Ellen about his problem. She offers to help but Ray says he has to deal with it himself. JR tells Ray he knows about his problem and is willing to buy his ranch, claiming he wants to move away from Southfork but not too far. Ray tells him to forget it and JR starts taunting him about being a 'half-breed'. Bobby arrives and tells JR he cut his date shory because he knows Jennifer was coached by him.

Sue Ellen and Bobby have an argument about Bobby's lack of involvement and enthusiasm for his daddy's company. Bobby resents her accusation, telling her she's beginning to sound like JR. He says he'll stay out of the business if it keeps her happy. JR is thrilled that his plan seems to be working.

Jennifer comes to the ranch and rides out to find Bobby. She apologizes for cooperating with JR and says that she wishes she could make things better because she feels like she really cares for him. Bobby agrees that they should start over. Sue Ellen agrees to McKay's deal and wants to discuss it with Bobby over dinner but Bobby says he's already made plans with Jennifer. Bobby and Jennifer hit it off and she decides to stay a while longer than she expected after they spend the night together.

Anita [who seems to know everything] tells JR that Ray's mortgage is up at the end of business tomorrow. JR calls John Savory and asks him to get some money together so he can buy the ranch. Savory meets with McKay and Ellington and lets them know that JR's bidding on the property as well which gets McKay hot and bothered.

Ray find one of the rustlers in a bar and questions him about what happened. He finds out that JR set the whole thing up.

Bobby and Sue Ellen apologize to each other. McKay calls Sue Ellen and tells him that JR is competing for his oil reserves and also finally lets her know that they're under Ray's ranch. Sue Ellen realizes that Bobby was right and McKay can't be trusted. Ellington overhears Sue Ellen making plans to go over to see JR.

Ratagan, who has been investigating the attempts on JR's life, finally finds out that Ellington is the one responsible. Ray tells Bobby that the rustling was a JR ploy to get Bobby away from the office. He also tells him that JR is trying to buy his ranch. Bobby chides Ray for letting his pride overcome his faith in his family.

Ellington finds Sue Ellen getting into the elevator at JR's building and pulls a gun on her. McKay gets to JR's office first. Bobby and Ray arrive soon after and tell JR that Bobby has paid off the mortgage. JR and McKay start bidding on the ranch. When the bidding gets up to 45 million dollars, Bobby realizes there must be oil on the ranch.

Ellington calls from the next room and tells JR that he'd better let McKay win the bidding war or Sue Ellen gets it. McKay offers Ray a ready-made cashiers check for 50 million and JR gives in. Once the check is handed over, JR tells Bobby and Ray about Sue Ellen's situation. JR creates a diversion while Bobby and Ray go around the other side. Ellington shoots JR who falls back on the floor. Sue Ellen rushes to help him but he's fine because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Bobby and Ray manage to subdue Ellington as Ratagan drags him off. McKay tells the Ewings that Ellington acted alone. JR tells McKay that he may own the ranch, but Jock Ewing made sure a long time ago that only the Ewings would have drilling rights on Southfork, so McKay just owns the ranch again. McKay storms off, defeated.

Ray thanks JR for unwittingly helping him. Bobby gives JR a fist in the face for endangering Southfork. Jennifer arrives and Bobby says he's planned a trip to Europe with her. Then Sue Ellen pops JR one too, just for old time's sake.

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