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This week's categories:

  1. Gifts
  2. The Smackdown
  3. Barnes-Wentworth
  4. Potpourri

Enter your 'handle': This is the name you'll be known as on the leader board. If you played last week, make sure you use the same handle.

Category 1: Gifts

$ 200: In order to get himself into a better position to bring down Weststar, JR sent this influential woman a green dress as a gift.

$ 400: Upon Pam and Mark's return from Colombia, he received an enormous tribal artifact as a gift.

$ 600: While celebrating her lonely birthday in 1989, April Stevens gave herself this gift.

$ 800: Ellie received a final piece for her sentimental charm bracelet from him.

$ 1000: For her wedding, Cally received this as a gift from Sue Ellen, which was actually JR's first gift to her.

Category 2: The Smackdown

Identify the person on the RECEIVING end of these verbal smackdowns.

$ 200: Sue Ellen: "Isn't it funny how the mistress thinks she's smarter than the wife? If she's so smart, why is she the mistress?

$ 400: JR: "You have succeeded in becoming the perfect failure."

$ 600: Sue Ellen: "I'd rather sleep with JR than sleep with you, and I'd rather sleep with a carnival geek than sleep with JR."

$ 800: JR: "The only thing you know about class is that it starts with a 'c'".

$ 1000: Ellie: "Ray, get me the shotgun out of the hall closet." [Last name sufficient. Both names impressive.]

Category 3: Barnes-Wentworth

$ 200: Purchasing this rich offshore oil tract was the company's only significant achievement.

$ 400: During Pam's dream, Cliff hired her as a cold-weather drilling expert.

$ 600: After Pam woke up, Barnes-Wentworth found itself butting heads with Ewing Oil while trying to purchase this company.

$ 800: He was Barnes-Wentworth's comptroller.

$ 1000: Barnes-Wentworth was located in this downtown office building.

Category 4: Potpourri

$ 200: After her miscarriage, Ray and Donna visited this school to learn more about children with handicaps.

$ 400: They were the characters who used the word "nitpick" during the series run.

$ 600: She bought one of Cally's paintings and jump started her artistic career.

$ 800: She was Arlen Ward's girlfriend, who falsely provided an alibi for him when he was accused of murdering his brother's inheritors. [Both names required.]

$ 1000: It is Cliff Barnes' favorite movie.

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