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Poll of the Week Results

Week ending: January 15

The Gil Thurman thing:

The vote was 18 to 13 in favor of JR not wanting Sue Ellen to sleep with Gil and misreading the situation, with two votes for neither. Comments are below.

This really confused the heck out of me.  I can't believe that JR was so dumb as to misjudge Gil's slimey character, and allow Sue Ellen to spend a whole hour with him and a bottle of bourbon.  Then again, I don't believe for a second that JR would ever want Sue Ellen to sleep with anyone to close a deal for him.  JR may be evil, but he wouldn't do that.  I believed him when he said that if Gil needed some sex to close the deal, he would have hired a hooker to do that.  JR is allowed an occasional slip up.  I think he didn't know what Gil was after.

I'm not really sure at this point whether JR cares about Sue Ellen, other than he didn't want Cliff to have her. With the new battle lines for Ewing Oil control based on the one year contest and not the control of the voting shares, getting John Ross back on SF isn't nearly as important as it was (except for JR wanting his son back) and if taking Sue Ellen back comes with it and keeps her away from Cliff, so be it. Ewing Oil has always been more important than Sue Ellen, so if using her to sleep with Gil to get an edge on Bobby is necessary, I think he's going to let it happen. I can't imagine why JR would think leaving her with Gil would make Gil happy if she DIDN'T sleep with him. So he must have been hoping she would to help JR out.

First of all the whole situation is beyond stupid.  If Gil is rich enough that he says things like "a couple hundred thousand here or there doesn't make a difference", then I'm sure he has enough money and power to find some female companionship of his own. Why he needs Cliff and JR to pimp for him is beyond me.  It is not like Gil had been particularly fond of Sue Ellen, I'm sure Serena would have done just as well for him in the sex capacity.  So why would JR use John Ross' mother as a whore when he didn't have to?  I think he just wanted Sue Ellen to charm him and soften him up a bit.

I have to vote for neither.  JR was only 1 hour late.  I doubt he thought Sue Ellen would jump into bed with Gil. I think he knew Gil would be a bit of an octopus, but that Sue Ellen would just take it.  I think he's figured out Gil and knows a hooker would work.  Maybe he feels using his wife as bait will be a little more classy and really hook him.  The real point behind this is JR is using Sue Ellen to see how far she'll put up with him.  Yeah, she's all ticked off, but she gives in again.  I think it's an ego thing for JR.  Sue Ellen is a yo-yo.  Look how far he can push her and she still comes back to him. 

Weeks ending: October 24

Best Episode Poll:

  1. A House Divided

  2. Who Done It?

  3. Swan Song

  4. Barbecue One

  5. Ewing Inferno

  6. Digger's Daughter

  7. The Search

  8. Blast from the Past

  9. Ewing-gate

  10. Conundrum

  11. Fall of the House

  12. End Game

  13. Dove Hunt

  14. Rock Bottom Part I

  15. Jock's Trial Part II

Season 1 Awards:

Best Episode: John Ewing III

Best Actor: Larry Hagman for John Ewing III

Runners-up: Jim Davis for Julie's Return; Patrick Duffy for The Red File

Best Actress: Linda Gray for John Ewing III

Runner-up: Barbara Bel Geddes for Survival

Best Guest Actor: David Wayne as Digger Barnes

Best Guest Actress: Tina Louise as Julie Grey

Weeks ending: August 13

How to end the series: Most people like the way it ended, although there was a sizable minority who said it would be better without "Conundrum". A lot of people also thought JR should have found a way out of his troubles.

Best plots of '90-'91:

1. JR losing it all
2. April in Paris
3. The JR/Vanessa/Cally triangle
4. The Debra Lynn saga

Worst plots of '90-'91:

1. The Johnny Dancer thing
2. Cliff and Liz's romance
3. The Debra Lynn saga
4. JR in the sanitarium
5. Carter's murder trial

Weeks ending: June 27

The many loves of Cliff:

1. Afton [the overwhelming favorite with 22 of 40 first place votes]
2. Jamie [7]
3. Mandy [6]
4. Liz Adams [4]
5. Michelle [1]

April's middle name: May was the overwhelming favorite. Also suggested more than once were Lee, Marie, Amy, and Suzanne.

Best plots of '89-'90:

1. The Ewing/Weststar tanker collision
2. Cliff's hunt for Afton
3. JR in the sanitarium
4. The Jeanne O'Brien saga
5. James and Vanessa's time in Dallas

Worst plots of '89-'90:

1. James and Michelle's romance
2. The warehouse property intrigue
3. The Stephanie Rogers saga
4. The mystery keys and the European family in Montana
5. Cliff and Michelle

Weeks ending: June 12

The many loves of Bobby:

1. April [the overwhelming favorite with 24 of 36 first place votes]
2. Jenna [6]
3. Kay [4]
4. Jeanne
5. Tracey [1]
6. Tammy [1]

Bring back Margaret Michaels as Pam? An overwhelming no, mostly because people consider Victoria Principal to be the only Pam. A few people thought it would be cool had Jeanne been revealed to be Pam.

Hagman jobbing: This one was close, but the consensus is that it's a good thing that the show doesn't revolve around JR.

The law men: McSween in a landslide, 25 to 6.

Week ending: May 24

Lamest Oil company: Overwhelming victory for April Oil.  Barnes Wentworth was next, followed by Petro Group Dallas. I was hoping Donna Krebbs Oil would get a vote [other than mine].

Bring back: Pam. Jeremy Wendell, Katherine, and Sue Ellen tied for second.

The April/Kay deathmatch: won by April by a 4 to 1 margin. The overwhelming majority say that this is NOT a protest vote against Kay.

Who's better for Bobby? April, 16 to 5.

Week ending: May 15

Most annoying character: Lucy, with James and Cliff close. Actually, I've asked this on the main Dallas Poll...I was hoping for Harrison Van Buren type responses.

James and Michelle: have been declared terrible characters. James got a 4-14 decision; Michelle did a little bit better by going 7-16.

Michelle and Tommy: 62% say that Michelle is hot; 73% say that Tommy is not.

Who needs a push? Ellie and Cally

Who needs to be de-pushed? James and Michelle

Weeks ending: May 7

Best plots of '88-'89:

1. The Jeremy Wendell sting operation
2. Bobby and April's romance
3. JR and Cally's wedding
4. The Range war
5. The European vacation

Worst plots of '88-'89:

1. The Casey Denault saga
2. The Tracey Lawton saga
3. Haleyville
4. Sue Ellen's movie
5. The Don Lockwood saga

The new credits: are worse, according to 60% of you.

Week ending: April 26

Afton's hair: Was better before. 72% prefer her as a blonde.

Bobby and April: Inspire joy in the majority by being together. Only a few people don't like their relationship.

The McKay depush: Was obviously a good booking decision. Nobody misses them, and 80% of you are glad to see Tracey and Tommy gone.

Week ending: April 16

Favorite Ewing Oil gal: Sly was the overwhelming favorite, eclipsing Phyllis. Jackie got a few votes.

Tommy McKay: Is overwhelmingly disliked by 60% of you. Only 14% like the character.

Cally Harper: Half of the votes were down the middle; but the margin was 12-2 in favor of our country girl.

Weeks ending: April 7

Best plots of '87-'88:

1. The Weststar takeover attempt
2. The Mafia storyline
3. The return of Ewing Oil
4. The custody battle for John Ross
5. The JR/Sue Ellen/Kimberly triangle

Worst plots of '87-'88:

1. The Krebbses revisit the Cleavers
2. Pam in bandages
3. The Cartel: the New Class
4. Ray and Jenna's romance
5. The Dandy saga

The return of Lucy: An overwhelmingly apathetic response. Only 20% of people applaud her return.

Is Kay good for Bobby?: A dead heat between yes and no. Most of us don't care either way.

JR's forceful liaisons: Not surprisingly, Laurel Ellis got the most sympathy here. Sue Ellen and Holly tied for second, and Katherine got the odd vote. So did "none of the above".

The beginning of the end: Most fans feels it all went downhill after Pam blew herself up. This season's upcoming cliffhanger came second.

Weeks ending: March 13

Best father/son conversation:

A tie between "John Ross, THIS is Ewing Oil", and "Real power is something you TAKE!"

Best father/son conversations [as a whole]:

1. Jock and JR
2. JR and John Ross
3. Bobby and Christopher

Who needs a push? Ellie, Bobby, and Cliff

Who needs to be de-pushed? The Krebbs clan [and they are!], April.

Weeks ending: February 24

Best plots of '86-'87:

1. (tie) Pam and Bobby remarrying
1. (tie) BD Calhoun
3. Wes Parmalee
4. The elusive ten percent of Ewing Oil
5. Valentine's Lingerie

Worst plots of '86-'87: [anyone sense a pattern?]

1. Ray, Donna, and Jenna before the divorce
2. Charlie's rebellious stage
3. Pam's overprotective angle
4. Ray, Donna, and Jenna after the divorce
5. Donna and Senator Dowling

Weeks ending: January 29

The Dallas bible.

Results are here.


8 out of 11 fans said there should be more action sequences on the show.

Who needs a push? Sue Ellen. Damn right.

Who needs to be de-pushed? Almost everyone mentioned some combination of Ray, Donna, and Jenna.

Weeks ending: January 18

Making sense of the Parmalee thing.

Not many people liked the way this went down. You folks came up with some fantastic storylines. Here they are, in increasing order of complexity and intrigue...

Parmalee is Jock, but B.D. Calhoun shows up and shoots him.

Wes is not Jock, but someone that Wendell found in South America, who was around when Jock had the fever, and coached him to be Jock. He confesses to Miss Ellie, but leaves before he can testify against Wendell. Therefore, no evidence.

Could have shown Parmalee at the end of the show with a picture of the Ewing Family... Tears roling down his cheek and he could have said something like "Oh my family, I've lost you forever."

After sliding past that half-breed Ray, Ol' Wes gets into the house in search of Miss Ellie. He tells her (again) how much he loves her and can't stand being denounced by his own family. Right before she swoons, in walks JR, who touches off a heated confrontation with Wes.
To climax, JR says that he KNOWS Wes is not his daddy because his daddy wouldn't try to sell the company from under him. Wes fires back -- amid a tirade of "hell's" and "damn's" -- that it was the only way he could wake his boys up. "I taught you boys to be strong!" he'll say, " take what you want, and fight for what's yours! That's why I willed the company to you in the first place, because I knew you'd do that!"
It would be this last statement -- one that isn't likely to have been repeated in "feverish rambling," that opens JR's eyes. "Oh my god," he'll say, "you really ARE my daddy!"
Credits roll.

I would still have Wes really be Wyatt, and he would have found out all of those things about Jock from Jock's fever. However, the amnesia that he had made him really believe that he was Jock Ewing. The whole thing would have gone to court. However, during the trial, Wes happens to come across his son (who, in my version, didn't die), and he slowly begins to get his memory back. However, his son, a conniver, wants his father to keep up the masquerade not only so he can reap the benefits of the Ewings' wealth, but also so he doesn't lose all that he inherited when Wes/Wyatt was presumed dead. Wes, though not wanting to hurt the Ewings, reluctantly agrees to it. Just when it looks like Wes will get everything, the judge orders a paternity test to see if he is Bobby, J.R., and Ray's father. But before the results come back from the lab, Wes/Wyatt's son commits patricide on Southfork when Wes goes to visit Ellie again, and he frames Clayton, who, after threatening to kill Wes, is the prime suspect. Clayton is accordingly tried for murder, and Harve is his attorney. What no one knows is that Christopher witnessed the murder. Eventually, he tells Bobby and Pam what he saw, but his parents don't want Christopher to have to testify, despite being pushed by the D.A. as well as J.R.. Pam is eventually allowed to testify on Christopher's behalf, as he told her all about it. The charges against Clayton are dropped, and Wes/Wyatt's son is arraigned and tried. He gets 10 years in jail on a plea bargain, with a chance for parole, and the son vows to get back at the Ewings.

Turns out Wes Parmalee isn't Jock Ewing, but an escaped mental patient who is obsessed with the Ewing family and empire. Parmalee has studied the life of Jock for many years, and loses his sanity at the end. The former rancher and cattle driver truly believes he is Jock, thus explaining his passing of the lie detector test. As he continues to stalk Miss Ellie, Clayton loses it and attacks Parmalee on the porch at Southfork. A vicious fight ensues, and Parmalee looks as though he is going to kill Clayton. The moment of truth comes for Miss Ellie as she is watching her husband being beaten to death by the man she believes to be Jock. Miss Ellie takes a stone plant holder, and smashes it to pieces over Parmalee's head killing him. She explains to Clayton that even if he is Jock, she loves him now and belongs with him. J.R. arrives on the scene with the news that Parmalee escaped from the Braddock Mental Institution 15 years ago, and was obsessed with the Ewings. Clayton now feels he is out of Jock's shadow, and Miss Ellie truly loves him with all her heart.

Charlie, in one of her chatty moments with Jenna, mentions to her that she is learning all about DNA in her 9th grade biology course and she goes on to explain how on a big test, she had to write an essay that each person's DNA is unique and cannot be replicated. (I had to write something like this in the early 80s, so I'm not before my time.) Anyway Jenna feels that she may want to let Bobby know of this considering she knows how much he is hurting and feels bad for storming into his office the other day. She didn't remember Ray telling her if Wes had his DNA examined. She calls Bobby and asks to meet him for lunch. They meet and she apologizes for her yelling at him and then offers him this recommendation. She doesn't offer it to Ray first because she figures that he is too tangled from being handed divorce papers by Donna. Bobby is intrigued by such a test and contacts Harve Smithfield. Harve insists on DNA testing and contacts Wes Parmalee who flatly refuses!
Bobby gets JR involved who then contacts Harry McSween who forces Parmalee in his ever persuasive manner to be tested. The results prove conclusively that the DNA sample does not match Jock's. When this makes the news, Wes disappears. Clayton, JR, and Bobby form their own private posse in search of Parmalee. They find him in his bunk house lying on the floor with a gun in his hand after having shot himself in the head. Did he kill himself or was he killed and made to look like suicide????

Bobby comes back from South America without finding anything - he tells J.R. that he is starting to beleive that Parmalee is daddy. Meanwhile, inside Southfork, Parmalee tells Ellie that he cannot go on deceiving her - he is not Jock. He tells her that he was once in love with Amanda (Jock's first wife). He was going to marry her until Jock Ewing came along. He blamed Jock for her mental deterioration and also for his neglect after he had her committed. After hearing from Amanda's nurses that Jock's sons had come to visit her to help them save Ewing Oil, he hatched a most ingenious plot - masquerade as Jock and take all that Jock held precious just as Jock had done to him so many years ago. Parmalee (whose real name of course is Ben Stivers) had become a rich and powerful man in his own right - he hired top private eyes to get hold of knowledge that supposedly "only Jock would know" and he also paid off the lie detector guy and a nurse in Dr. Danvers office to fake all of the "proof". He tells Ellie that although it started out as revenge, he has fallen in love with her. She tells him to go to hell but in later episodes realizes that she was falling in love with Wes (as Pam suggested). She secretly sees Parmalee/Stivers again, triggering a full scale battle for Ellie's love between Clayton and Ben/Wes. This translates into a corporate war between the combined force of Farlow Refineries/Ewing Oil and Stivers' company - you guessed it, he reveals that he owns the majority of Weststar (notice he took his fictitous name "Wes" from the first 3 letters of his company). Stivers and his righthand man, Jeremy Wendell set out to destroy Ewing Oil for good.

The best of JR and Sue Ellen

This was a three-way split. We'll have to do this again sometime. There were an equal number of votes for "In love", "In hate", and "Keeping up appearances".

Week ending: January 5

Bringing Back Bobby.

A surprising number of people actually liked the dream, and even more couldn’t figure out any other way to do it. I heartily agree, but here’s what some of you came up with…

The Dream Angle could have worked.. They just left out several key points.... Sue Ellen's subplot, Who the Blonde woman in the car was, who was behind the wild goose chase in Hong Kong.... etc.. And if I did rewrite this season, I think I would have still put in Tony and brought Mark Graison back...just not devote so much of the season to tedious plots... such as the adoption angle... Also I think I would bring Grace and Angelica back as "real" characters.... to plot with JR again. maybe have the Big Ramboski fall in love with Grace again and have them go off together...

I'd drop the shower scene. Bobby should ring Pam's doorbell of her house just as the wedding night commences and announce that he's back, back for good and that his CIA mission was a complete success. Mark sees him and in utter shock, he drops dead. It can be explained that surprises such as these are deadly for a man in remission from his blood disorder. The car accident was staged and the woman in the car was "supposed" to look like a deranged Katherine. Bobby had to disappear because his government needed him and he felt a duty to serve since he did not serve in Vietnam as JR did. You know Bobby always has a sense of duty. He says that what he did was to guarantee the safety and security of Pam and Christopher. He had wished that he didn't have to fake his death after proposing to Pam, but he had been notified around 4:30am on the day he was "killed". He had no way of contacting her and was oblivious to all of Dallas society news like her marriage to Mark. He said that he could understand her wanting to go ahead with her life. Pam then calls the paramedics to get Mark's dead body out of her house. Bobby then says that if Pam will still have him, he wants to be married to her once again.

Jerry Kenderson, playing Dr. Frankenstein, has created a clone of Bobby - all in an effort to win back Sue Ellen. Since the clone of Bobby will do anything that the scoundrel Kenderson bids, he will tell Sue Ellen that she has made a huge mistake and that Kenderson should be her "Dr. Feelgood." When Kenderson's diabolical plan backfires, he orders the Bobby clone to shoot JR. Tony, however, saves the day when he sees the Bobby clone and Kenderson conspiring at Graison Research (neither know that Tony can read lips and assume that no one can overhear their dastardly plans). Tony warns Ray and Ray "tears apart" Kenderson and his monstrosity.

No, I would not use the dream season. Let's say Angelica Nero is already plotting her scheme. Angelica Nero wants Bobby out of the way because she suspects he will not go along with the Marinos-Ewing Oil Deal. But then she reconsiders and decides to just kidnap him -- forever. She finds him handsome and wants him to be her lover. She hires a look-alike of Bobby and then kidnaps Bobby before he goes to ask Pam to marry him. Angelica holds Bobby at gunpoint and forces him to tell the look-alike everything about himself and about Pam. She then sends the look-alike to Pam's house. The next morning Katherine Wentworth (who Angelica hired to kill the look-alike but Katherine doesn't know it's not Bobby) goes to Pam's house and runs down the look-alike. Angelica told the look-alike ahead of time that if he accidentally got killed (Angelica didn't tell the look-alike that he was going to die) that if he said anything to anyone he'd kill the look-alike's family. So the look-alike dies and everyone thinks it's Bobby. The whole season, Angelica had Bobby in a warehouse somewhere guarded by men. She goes over there twice a week to see him and sleep with him. When Angelica is arrested at season's end, she never got to say goodbye to Bobby. Angelica tells the police she'll admit to murder and save court time and even says she'll serve life sentence if she can see Bobby. She tells him where Bobby is. They go and get him and he sees Angelica and pretends to love her. He tells the police to be quiet about him being alive. In the morning he goes to Pam's house and surprises her by running the shower.

I think something like Katherine staging the whole thing, having Bobby tied up somewhere, tortured....When he finally finds out about Pam/Mark, it enrages him, and he kills Katherine (or at least breaks free) and returns to Dallas to seek out Pam (who is a widow, because Mark dies). That way all the loose ends could eventually get tied up, and all of the cliffhangers can live on, and we don't have to see Jamie Ewing anymore.

Well instead of a dream you make it the delusional fantasy of Katherine. At the end of the episode where Pam wakes up instead of her waking up you see Katherine getting released from a mental institution with a grin on her face giving the viewer the impression that she intends to make her fantasy a reality.

The Dream Season:

Best plots:

1. Dealing with Bobby's death
2. The mayhem in Martinique
3. Mark Graison's return

Worst plots:

1. Sue Ellen's drinking binge
2. Patricia and Dusty coming to Sue Ellen's aid
3. The Marinos Shipping negotiations
4. The whole deal in Colombia

Week ending: December 18

The big Ramboski.

I guess this wasn't as hot a topic as I originally thought. Most people didn't care but those that did pretty much agreed that the man stuffs.

The week of perms.

The votes were right down the middle as to whether Sue Ellen and Pam had better or worse hair after their perms. The vote was decidedly against Jenna's perm.

Who needs a push? Clayton, Ellie, and JR.

Who needs to be de-pushed? The Krebbs clan, Jerry Kenderson, and Jamie.

Week ending December 1:

Okay, let's settle this Mandy thing.

85% of you had a very strong opinion of Mandy. It was a dead heat though - the votes for 'wannabe porn star' and 'most awesome babe' were equal.

And what is the deal with Ray Krebbs?

The overwhelming majority believes that Ray's just a simple guy caught up in things beyond his control. Those that had an opinion either way mostly declared him a redneck.

Week ending November 25:

Who do you wish the writers would bring back?

Jock Ewing got the majority of the votes, followed by Kristin.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Cally Harper and April Stevens topped this one, with Carter McKay getting some write-in votes.

Week ending November 18:

Is Jack Ewing 'DA MAN'?

The female faithful give Jack Ewing an OH HELL YEAH by a margin of 8 to 3.

Who had the best sex life on the show?

According to the guys, it was JR because he had the most. But Bobby got quite a few votes for the quality of his mates, and even Ray Krebbs got the occasional nod.

According to the gals, Pam was the luckiest woman on the face of the earth. I'm a bit surprised at that...will someone please tell me what's so great about Mark Graison? Sue Ellen and April were also mentioned.

Week ending November 11:

The War of the Krebbses:

Most of the Dallas faithful feel that Ray is an insensitive clod and Donna could do a whole lot better.

Who needs a push? Pam and Ellie

Who needs to be de-pushed? Jack and Jenna

Week ending November 4:

What should we do with Jenna?

The vast majority of voters said "Off with Jenna's head!", and let Prince Bobby and Princess Pam get married and live happily ever after.

Your favorite rehashed line:

The most votes were for Bobby's patented " I'll tear you apart! ".

Here's a sampling of some of the others:

-JR: "Is that a fact?"
-JR: "Hey, bud, how you doin'?"
-JR: "Now why in the world would you go do something like that?"
-Pam: "Cliff wouldn't that to me."
-Clayton: "You better watch your mouth with me, JR!"
-Sue Ellen: "JR really has changed."

Weeks ending October 27:

Most Desirable Female:

1. Mandy
2. Pam
3. Sue Ellen

Comments: [ other than - " Because she's hot! " ]

About Mandy: Personality. She has stated that her parents have taught her to be a happy person. Values.  Looks for commitment, not one night stands.

About Pam: Because she is a beautiful and genuinely good person....she represents the struggling 'Juliet' in this war of the Barnes and Ewings.  She always cared about Bobby and it was love not money that drove that feeling.  Also when she became rich , she still was true to herself and did not become some token housewife.

About Sue Ellen: Those eyes...

Most Desirable Male:

1. Bobby
2. JR


About Bobby: He's full of integrity and heart. He carries himself like a real man and like a cowboy. Where have all the cowboys gone anyway?

About JR: Because he can get away with anything.

The Jamie vs. Sue Ellen thing:

Most people didn't care for this storyline one way or the other. Those that did favored Sue Ellen.

Who do you feel sorry for?

1. Pam
2. JR


About Pam: Because all she has ever wanted is to be with Bobby but fate and Katherine have kept them apart. I can't wait for them to get back together...because she is settling for finding Mark rather than making a play for Bobby, which is what she really wants.

About JR: I feel sorry for him when everything doesn't go his way, because I always root for JR. You can't root for the bad guy in real life, so you have to do it with TV!

Who needs a push? Lucy

Who needs to be de-pushed? Cliff and Jamie

Clayton or Jock? Jock, by an overwhelming margin.


About Jock: Jock continues to be in major storylines in the show even though he has passed away several years ago... Jock is the one and only! Clayton looks okay with Donna Reed, but the real Miss Ellie and Jock were a great couple. And Jock was a fun character. He said things straight out and nobody messed with him. I miss Jock.

About Clayton: I really like the character of Jock. I did. Honest.But Clayton's character has been on the show for several years now.He is a character with a strong sense of loyalty and love to his new wife and treats other characters, especially women, with a respect I just don't remember in Jock.

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