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The Pool Fight at JR and Sue Ellen's Wedding

[Episode 114]

This was some of the best seconds of television I've ever seen. I'll try to get a full streaming video of it [something small enough to download] but for now I've got still pictures. Enjoy!


After being informed by Mickey about Cliff and Sue Ellen's quiet dance, JR comes over and is determined to break it up.

JR and Cliff jaw at each other and when JR gets physical, Cliff responds in kind. JR ends up accidentally knocking a woman in to the pool.

Cliff grabs JR but gets an elbow in the ribs.

Because the woman's husband yelled at him, JR figures he might as well join his wife.

Bobby comes over to take care of business and holds Cliff while JR socks him a good one.

A disgusted Clayton Farlow gets involved and smacks JR with a beautiful left jab.

Apparently Bobby's hold wasn't too good because Cliff breaks free and goes after JR again.

Bobby figures enough is enough and runs after the wrestling pair, but ends up pushing all three of them over the brink.

In a move that would have made the Road Warriors proud, Bobby and JR execute a textbook vertical suplex of poor Cliff Barnes.

Ray Krebbs decides he'd better referee this match, and tries to push his way forward. He tussles with a guy and Mickey comes to his aid, pushing another three people into the pool.

Bobby manages to separate Cliff and JR.

JR is none the worse for wear, apparently.

Cliff is unceremoniously removed from the premises.

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