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Special Features

This page gets you to other areas of the site not listed on the left panel.

Jim Davis tribute

Check out our tribute to Jim Davis...felt by some to be the 'heart and soul' of Dallas. I can't disagree.Please feel free to send us your comments about this fine actor.

Dallas: The Early Years

All about the 3-hour movie, including summary, trivia, comments, and nitpicks.

War of the Ewings

An extra special two pages devoted to War of the Ewings, including a full summary, trivia, comments, and nitpicks.

Six Degrees of Dallas

Could you link Xena with "Dallas" in six steps? Find out how here.

The AHN pages

Meet the Assistant Head Nitpickers

The AHN Commentary and Rant Page

And other stuff...

A blow-by blow account of the poolfight at JR and Sue Ellen's wedding - with pictures!

Who is the Phantom of Ewing Oil?

The Dallas Bible

Links to other Dallas pages

The Dallas Battle Royale

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