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Six Degrees Of Dallas

LAST UPDATED ON January 24, 1999

To all the SDOD fans out there: sorry I haven't update the page in well over a month. I've been busy trying to get other parts of the site going, like the Jim Davis tribute, and the episode clips. But I know you all love playing SDOD, and I'm going to try my darndest to update the stumpers every month at least.

Click here to see the rules.

Here's how it goes: you must try to relate the person to Dallas in 6 steps, where each step is in the form of a direct relationship involving three 'entities'. An entity can be a person, a character, a TV show, or a movie. Here is an example: Kevin Bacon starred in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise. The next step must begin with the relation in the previous step. i.e. Tom Cruise also starred in Interview With The Vampire with Brad Pitt. The relationship doesn't have to be a TV or movie relationship; you can use a family or marital relationship if you like. The last relationship must be linked directly to Dallas. e.g. Brad Pitt played Randy, Charlie's boyfriend, on Dallas.

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