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Last update: March 19th, 2001 5:30 PM Eastern

What's New?

March 19/2001 - Things I think I think right now.

February 18/2001 - Nits and awards for Episodes 154 through 161.
A rearrangement of the I think
archives for easy reading, including a new link in the left frame.

A maintenance update. Lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes fixed on the summary and nits pages.
Nits and awards for Episodes 146 through 153.
A few new links to other sites.
A big time tote board update.

September 19/00 - Seven things I think I think this week.
Revised schedule information from TNN. [If you haven't already figured it out.]
A few new links to other sites.
A maintenance update - all of the summary and nit pages are updated with random submissions, spelling errors are fixed, and some unclear paragraphs in summaries have been edited.
An invitation to a very neat event, which I hope to attend:

Dallas Convention- a chance to meet other fans, bring memorabilia for trade or just show and tell. We will watch a few episodes and follow up with a group discussion simular to the Nits. There will be free food and drinks (no liquor).

Admission- FREE
Venue- The Knights of Columbus
15 Morton Street, Farmingdale, New York (Long Island) 11735
Date- Saturday night, Nov 13th from 8pm-12am.

Contact- Russ D'Angelo at 631-845-0363 or E-mail at

Although the event is FREE, please contact Russ to let him know you are coming so he could get a head count. There is a capacity of 120. 

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