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Links To Other

DALLAS Web Pages

The Dallas Daily News with some summaries from Seasons 9 and 10

Shalane McCall Appreciation Page for those, like me, who do appreciate her somewhat.

The Dallas Fan Club Online - links to chat room, Role playing game, pictures, and more. This is the BIGGEST DALLAS site on the net, as my new friend Pamela tells me.

Bryce Wray's website with some cool pictures and sounds

The DALLAS FAQ. Because of a commitment I made, I cannot comment.

Kelly Sudderth's neat Dallas site - I really like this one.

Brad Mulholland's web site with a complete listing of all of the Dallas episode titles and brief summaries.

Dallas Fan Club Stuttgart - another complete listing with brief summaries

Jesse Campbell's Home Page - a new addition to our list - The man, the myth, the legend

Return to Southfork - A new site for those who wish to continue the saga past 'War of the Ewings'

Mitch's Dallas Web Page - A new web page I just discovered.

The Dallas Experience - A new page with pictures, sounds, and more

A new Cathy Podewell Page - a site recently submitted to us

Rog's Dallas Website

Ben's Dallas site

Dallas Online

The World of Dallas

The official Barnes-Wentworth site

Chris McDaniel's site where you can find a videotape of anything related to Dallas.

The Teens of Dallas web page

Sheree J. Wilson's personal web site

A new Jack Scalia site

If you would like us to add yours or another website to this list, please e-mail us the URL at Our only [non-negotiable] condition is that you add us to your links as well.

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