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...and the survey says...

Main Characters:

Best Actor:

  1. Larry Hagman
  2. Patrick Duffy
  3. Jim Davis
  4. Ken Kercheval
  5. Steve Kanaly

This race was over early, with Larry Hagman getting a whopping 73% of the vote. Dallas fans don't agree on much, but on this we have pretty much a general consensus. Patrick Duffy easily took second place over Jim Davis. At one point, I was wondering whether we had forgotten to put Ken Kercheval's name on the list: he didn't receive any votes, either best, or worst, until very late.

Worst Actor:

  1. Sasha Mitchell
  2. Dack Rambo
  3. George Kennedy
  4. Steve Kanaly
  5. Ken Kercheval
  6. Howard Keel

Dack Rambo put up a pretty good fight for a while, but in the end there was no question. Sasha Mitchell, who obviously does not understand the difference between dress rehearsal and the real thing, got more than half the vote. Enough people dislike George Kennedy's pathetic attempts to say "Don't give me that crap!!", and become really angry one minute, and then really calm the next, to place him 3rd.

Best Actress:

  1. Linda Gray
  2. Barbara Bel Geddes
  3. Victoria Principal
  4. Sheree J Wilson
  5. Susan Howard
  6. Cathy Podewell

Another landslide victory. The fight for second place between Principal and Bel Geddes was very close. Donna Reed was the only one not to receive votes here.

Worst Actress:

  1. Charlene Tilton
  2. Donna Reed
  3. Priscilla Presley
  4. Jenilee Harrison
  5. Cathy Podewell
  6. Kimberly Foster

Charlene Tilton and Donna Reed were separated by only a couple of votes, but that's changed. It's interesting how many people Donna Reed turned off in one season; perhaps it's because Barbara Bel Geddes set such a high standard for Miss Ellie. Unlike Victoria Principal, Bel Geddes did not get even a single vote as worst actress. My personal feeling is that Victoria would have gotten fewer votes here had she not left the show when it most needed her. I've seen several posts indicating people's feelings that Harrison and Presley were pretty pathetic, so their inclusion was no surprise. In fact, Jenilee Harrison was the early frontrunner.

Favorite Male Character:

  1. JR Ewing
  2. Bobby Ewing
  3. Jock Ewing
  4. Jack Ewing
  5. Cliff Barnes
  6. Ray Krebbs
  7. Clayton Farlow
  8. James Beaumont

This mirrored the 'Best Actor' category voting, but it wasn't quite so slanted. JR gets about 60% of the vote, and Bobby gets about 25 %. My personal opinion is in line with this: I can really relate well to Bobby, and I always root for him because he's the good guy, even though I have to give Larry Hagman his due as an actor. Most people who voted for Duffy or Davis as best actor voted for their character here. None of the others were even close.

Favorite Female Character:

  1. Pamela Barnes Ewing
  2. Sue Ellen Ewing Lockwood
  3. Ellie Ewing Farlow
  4. April Stevens Ewing
  5. Cally Harper Ewing
  6. Donna Culver Krebbs
  7. Jenna Wade Krebbs
  8. Lucy Ewing Cooper
  9. Jamie Ewing Barnes
  10. Michelle Stevens

WOW! This one was very close. At first, it looked like Sue Ellen would take this in a cakewalk but Pam slowly started to chip away at the lead, and then Pam got a whopping six votes in a row to move in front. Now Pam is well in the lead. There was also a great battle for third place; April, Ellie, and Cally were within a few votes of each other for a long time. No votes at all for Michelle Stevens or Jenna Wade.


Guest Stars:

Best Guest Actor:

  1. John Beck [Mark Graison]
  2. James L. Brown [Harry McSween]
  3. William Smithers [Jeremy Wendell]
  4. Omri Katz [John Ross Ewing III]
  5. Jared Martin [Dusty Farlow]
  6. Steve Forrest [Wes Parmalee]
  7. Jack Scalia [Nicholas Pearce]
  8. Morgan Woodward [Punk Anderson]
  9. George O.Petrie [Harve Smithfield]
  10. Joshua Harris [Christopher Ewing]

This was a fight to the finish! For a long while Beck and Smithers were tied or within one vote of each other; ditto for Omri and Brown. That was to be expected, since there were so many options for this particular category. For those who may be wondering why I considered Omri Katz and Joshua Harris guest stars: I did this because I had a very difficult time calling them 'main characters'; they're not on every show, and, unfortunately, the writers never really centered stories around them that didn't heavily include their parents.

Worst Guest Actor:

  1. Christopher Atkins [Peter Richards]
  2. Steve Forrest [Wes Parmalee]
  3. Leigh McCloskey [Mitch Cooper]
  4. J. Eddie Peck [Tommy McKay]
  5. John Beck [Mark Graison]
  6. Marc Singer [Matt Cantrell]
  7. Andrew Stevens [Casey Denault]
  8. Derek McGrath [Ozwald Valentine]
  9. Jack Scalia [Nicholas Pearce]
  10. Bert Remsen [Dandy Dandridge]

A cakewalk for Chris Atkins. Someone was nice enough to give him a vote as best guest actor. I find it shocking, but that's what this poll is all about. That J. Eddie Peck would rank so high surprises me; I didn't particularly care for Tommy McKay as a character, but I thought that Peck did a great job portraying him. The other characters here I didn't care for much either.

Best Guest Actress:

  1. Mary Crosby [Kristin Shepard]
  2. Morgan Brittany [Katherine Wentworth]
  3. Fern Fitzgerald [Marilee Stone]
  4. Barbara Carrera [Angelica Nero]
  5. Audrey Landers [Afton Cooper]
  6. Deborah Rennard [Sly Lovegren]
  7. Barbara Eden [Lee Ann de la Vega]
  8. Susan Lucci [Hillary Taylor]
  9. Joan Van Ark [Valene Ewing]
  10. Lois Chiles [Holly Harwood]

A new winner! Mary Crosby has pulled well ahead of Morgan Brittany here - although that may change over the next few months. I am genuinely surprised at the ranking of Barbara Eden; I guess some people around the world still get 'I Dream of Jeannie' reruns. Or maybe they just liked to see JR get his. If you voted for Eden, I'd be interested to hear why. E-mail me.

Worst Guest Actress:

  1. Barbara Carrera [Angelica Nero]
  2. Jeri Gaile [Rose McKay]
  3. Deborah Shelton [Mandy Winger]
  4. Audrey Landers [Afton Cooper]
  5. Shalane McCall [Charlie Wade]
  6. Morgan Brittany [Katherine Wentworth]
  7. Gayle Hunnicutt [Vanessa Beaumont]
  8. Lesley-Anne Down [Stephanie Rogers]
  9. Barbara Eden [Lee Ann De La Vega]
  10. Lois Chiles [Holly Harwood]

I'm not too sure about this one. This one was a tie between Carrera and McCall, but it has since been broken, albeit not by much. I think some people just disliked the whole Marinos Shipping saga so much that they're venting against Angelica. Ditto for Jeri Gaile - it's not her fault that the Rose McKay character was so unlikable. And why do so many people dislike Audrey Landers, especially after she placed third in the best actress voting?

Best Guest Star [Male]:

  1. Mark Graison
  2. Harry McSween
  3. Punk Anderson
  4. Dusty Farlow
  5. John Ross Ewing
  6. Nicholas Pearce
  7. Christopher Ewing
  8. Jeremy Wendell
  9. Wes Parmalee
  10. Mitch Cooper

Punk Anderson? Really? Well, the people have spoken. Morgan Woodward, strangely, got only one vote for Best Guest Actor, but people seem to love Punk. In Mark Graison and Nicholas Pearce, I see a lot of similarities: they were both good-natured guys who mattered a lot to the women they helped, and they had their own storylines develop; they didn't just pop up whenever it was convenient and then leave because the writers had no further use for them.

Best Guest Star [Female]:

  1. Kristin Shepard
  2. Katherine Wentworth
  3. Sly Lovegren
  4. Mandy Winger
  5. Holly Harwood
  6. Angelica Nero
  7. Afton Cooper
  8. Marilee Stone
  9. Rebecca Wentworth
  10. Charlie Wade

Another flip-flop here: Sly was the leader at first count, but Kristin has jumped ahead. I guess people didn't care much for Katherine herself but liked Morgan Brittany's portrayal. Similarly, people love Sly but figure Debbi Rennard's not much of an actress. People who liked Mary Crosby as an actress also seemed to like Kristin as a character.


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