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Episode 143: Barbecue Four Aired: Fri, August 4, 2000

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The Lucy Award: Clayton did the least.

Larry from Deltham Catering stops by and talks to Sue Ellen about the upcoming Ewing Barbecue, which will proceed despite Miss Ellie's absence. Peter calls Sue Ellen and wants to spend the day with her but JR comes out just then and Sue Ellen is forced to cut the conversation short.

Bobby gets let in on a good deal by Travis Boyd and JR promises to look it over as soon as he can. JR gets Sly to tell Cliff all about the deal and Cliff tells Sly he wants to continue their arrangement after her brother is released but Sly says she doesn't want a relationship right now. Lucy takes John Ross to day camp and spends some time with Peter.

Bobby comes by Jenna's tavern and sees some guys getting a little bit fresh with her. He asks her to quit but Jenna says she doesn't want to be indebted to him or anyone else for her welfare - not unless he's committed to her. The next day, they make up and Jenna says she'd like to get another job that allows her to spend evenings with Charlie. Bobby says he'll look into it and invites her to dinner for that night.

A private eye comes by Katherine's place with press clippings about Jenna's move to Europe and her marriage to Naldo Marchetta in Rome. Katherine comes over to Pam's place and tells her she's going to Rome for a while to get away from Dallas.

JR finds Ray and Donna having dinner with Edgar Randolph, a guy from the Energy Commission in Washington. Randolph tells JR that the government plans on auctioning off some offshore oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico and arranges to have lunch with him later.

Sly tells JR that Cliff was bluffing about using his influence to help her brother, who'll be out in a week anyway. JR tells her to continue 'spying' for Cliff nonetheless, claiming that she needs the money. He laughs at the fact that Cliff will be paying for information that he wants him to have anyway and tells Sly she's going to get a raise for her work. Bobby is surprised to find that the Boyd deal was closed - Travis thought the Ewings bought the field. Sly calls Cliff and says she wants to continue their arrangement.

As the Ewings sit down to dinner with Jenna, JR proposes a toast to family. As he does, Ellie and Clayton arrive and ask to join in. Ellie sits down at her normal place and asks Clayton to sit down in Jock's chair, visibly disturbing all of the boys and causing JR to lose his appetite.

JR and Bobby talk to Randolph about the offshore tracts and Edgar tells them that the prime tracts will be too expensive for any one independent company to bid on. JR asks Bobby to get the cartel involved to try to get one of those leases.

Peter finds a new shirt and jeans in his closet and goes to a movie with Lucy. Lucy asks Peter to come to the barbecue next week as her date and Peter happily accepts.

JR comes over to Pam's place to talk to Cliff. He says that Ellie has asked him to invite Cliff and Afton to the Ewing barbecue to bury the hatchet in the Barnes-Ewing feud. He also gives Pam and Mark invitations and leaves smiling. In Rome, Katherine manages to get a copy of Charlie's birth certificate, which lists Bobby Ewing as the father.

At the barbecue, Cliff and Mark notice JR talking to Edgar Randolph. Peter notices Clayton and Sue Ellen dancing and is distracted until Lucy pulls him over to mingle. Ellie and Pam talk about her divorce and Ellie wonders whether she could have helped save their marriage. Pam says she couldn't have but admits she still loves Bobby. Pam meets Charlie again and compliments Jenna on her lovely daughter. Sly tells Cliff about JR's conversations with Edgar Randolph.

Mark finds Bobby and they talk about Pam. Mark says he knows there are still feelings between them and he figures Bobby just wants Pam to be happy. Mark promises to be good to her and Bobby appears satisfied. Peter wants to talk to Sue Ellen but she puts him off. Later they meet behind the stables. Peter says he knows that she has feelings for him and says he loves her. They share a passionate kiss.

After the guests disperse, Clayton and Ellie tell the assembled family that they've been engaged.

Episode 144: Past Imperfect Aired: Fri, August 4, 2000

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The Lucy Award: Lucy.

JR barges into Bobby's office, ticked off about Clayton's sudden smothering of affection towards Ellie. Bobby says he doesn't like it either but it's Ellie's decision. JR tells Bobby to handle the meeting with the cartel to co-operate in obtaining the off-shore oil leases alone.

Sly tells JR that she kept her description of Randolph to Cliff as vague as possible. Cliff leaves no stone unturned to find out more information about the man, even to the point of asking Pam about him. Pam, of course, knows nothing. Sly tells Cliff that JR doesn't have her take notes on his meetings with Randolph, which raises his curiosity even further.

Ellie asks Clayton to stay at Southfork and lay down some roots. Clayton is hesitant because of what the family will think. Ellie says that it's her house and her family, so their opinion is not that important. Clayton says he could never be comfortable living in Jock Ewing's house, and suggests that they find another place to live. Ellie, of course, gives him a "Hell no." [Good for you, Ellie!]

Sue Ellen prepares John Ross for his first day of school. John Ross wonders whether he'll be able to see Peter again because he misses him. Sue Ellen says she'll probably see Peter soon. When Sue Ellen drops John Ross off at school, she finds Peter waiting there for her and he insists on spending the morning with her. They drive off to a secluded park and Sue Ellen tells him again that their potential relationship is fraught with problems - for both of them. Peter promises not to put her in a difficult situation again.

Pam tells Mark that she's been overwhelmed by her recent foray into the business world. Mark tells her to take her time and she'll be fine. Cliff tries to convince Mark to put in with him to bid on the offshore leases and he says he'll think about it.

Bobby comes to Jenna's place and tells her he's got her a surprise for her. He takes her to a boutique and says he wants to buy it for her to run. Jenna is upset that he expected her to take a handout. She dashes off, leaving Bobby alone. In Rome, Katherine asks Armando Sidoni, her contact, to find out anything he can about Renaldo Marchetta.

Just before dinner, Clayton presents Ellie with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Ellie says she can't accept it right now because they have things to work out first. Clayton says they'll work out whatever needs to be done and it'll be all right as long as they love each other.

Peter meets Sue Ellen at a coffee shop after he puts a note on her windshield. He tells her he's found an apartment for them to go and be alone. Sue Ellen says she doesn't want a relationship with him but Peter is adamant. Sue Ellen flatly declares she wants him out of her life.

Clayton meets with Ray and Bobby at the Cattlemen's Club. He asks to talk frankly about their feelings about his relationship with Ellie. Both of them say that they can't ever imagine anyone taking Jock's place. Clayton says he doesn't want to do that - he wants to make his own place in Ellie's life. Bobby says he knows he cares about Ellie and so he won't stand in Clayton's way. JR then shows up and says he's changed his mind about Clayton - he's come to the realization that Clayton cares for his mother and just wants her to be happy. He orders a bottle of champagne to celebrate the family's new understanding.

McSween comes to JR's office and JR asks him to find out everything he can about Clayton Farlow. Harry confirms that Clayton's wife died in the fire on the Southern Cross twenty years ago. No one was home at the time - Clayton, Dusty, and Clayton's sister Jessica were all away. He was unable to find out any details about Jessica, though.

Bobby comes by Jenna's place and apologizes for what happened the other day. He says if she wants to stay in her dead-end job, he won't stand in her way. He asks her out for dinner tonight and she says no. He asks for tomorrow night and she says maybe. Bobby talks to Ray and Donna about it and Donna tells him that Jenna just wants to do something on her own and not take his perceived charity. Bobby explains that he just wanted to finance the boutique for her, not to give her charity. Donna asks him to explain it to her that way.

Lucy asks Sue Ellen about Peter after she heard that he moved out of his dorm room - and left school. Sue Ellen lies and says she hasn't heard anything about Peter recently.

When Bobby comes over to pick up Jenna, she says she realizes Bobby is right - she would be happier working at a boutique than a bar. But she insists on having Bobby finance it and then she'll pay him back. Bobby gives her the credit for a great idea.

Clayton barges into Ewing Oil late at night, angrily looking for JR. He confronts him about digging into his past. JR tries to explain that he was just trying to protect his mother - he didn't want any surprises after they got married. Clayton tells him in no uncertain terms to mind his own business. JR tells Sly that if Clayton's this angry about JR's snooping, he must have something big to hide.

Episode 145: Peter's Principle Aired: Fri, August 4, 2000

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The Lucy Award: Lucy again. JR was really close.

Lucy tries to find out where Peter is to no avail. Peter's roommate, Jerry Hunter, says that he still hasn't returned to the dorm. Sue Ellen finds Jerry at school but Jerry says he honestly knows nothing about what happened to Peter. John Ross misses his counselor intensely.

JR complains to the family about Clayton and Ellie's late nights recently. Bobby reminds him that it's none of his business. At lunch, Clayton tells Ellie that he's a bit sad that it's Dusty's birthday and he hasn't spoken to his son in some time. He also notes that Ellie has become more distant since they returned to Southfork. He says he hopes that her family won't come between them. Ellie says that the whole Ewing family comes with their marriage and he better get used to it.

Marilee and Jordan visit Cliff's office. Cliff tells them that he wants the cartel to help him get one of the offshore leases, because Mark Graison won't help him. Jordan says he's already talked to Bobby about it and he feels it's too risky. After he leaves, Marilee says she's interested and wants to meet Cliff privately to talk about it.

Harry's research in San Angelo turns up very little and JR asks him to redouble his efforts to find some dirt on Clayton. That night, during conversation, Clayton reveals that his sister Jessica lives in England and was married to Lord Henry Montfort.

Donna and Ellie spend some time in the exercise room and Donna notes that Ellie's not wearing her engagement ring. Ellie make an excuse and they discuss the problems that might result from her impending marriage. Donna notes that something else is really bothering her and Ellie reveals that she's having trouble being intimate with Clayton because of her past with Jock.

Afton reminds Cliff that she's starting a new act tomorrow. Cliff says he might be a little late - he has to talk to a new partner about the offshore oil tracts. Marilee and Cliff meet at his place and Afton comes home early because her show was cancelled and assumes the worst, storming out of the apartment.

Jerry Hunter calls Sue Ellen and tells him that Peter called and plans to come by the dorm at about 4 the next afternoon to get some things. Sue Ellen says she'll be there and finds him by his car. She asks him not to leave school and ruin his life. Peter replies that it's his life and there's nothing left to say. Jerry tells Sue Ellen where Peter's new apartment is.

The next day, Pam storms into Cliff's office and tells him that Afton came to her place last night, devastated. She accuses him of having an affair with Marilee which Cliff flatly denies. He tells Pam that he plans on making Barnes-Wentworth a powerhouse in the oil industry so that no one will ever be able to hurt him again. Pam is upset that Cliff seems intent on continuing the feud with the Ewings.

Clayton and Ray have lunch. They talk about the fact that they're both considered outsiders to the family and Clayton's not sure whether he could ever live in the 'Ewing house'. Ray says it never bothered Jock that he was living in the 'Southworth house' - he carved out his own niche there and Clayton should do the same.

Jenna comes to Bobby's office and excitedly tells him that she's used her contacts to get a great start for her boutique. Pam calls and says she needs to meet Bobby for dinner - it's important. After pleasantries, Pam says she's worried about Cliff's obsession with beating the Ewings on the offshore drilling leases. Bobby says that Ewing Oil wouldn't take on that kind of risk, and there's nothing to worry about anyway because all of the bids are sealed until the auction so Cliff and JR would never be able to figure out what the other was bidding. Mark freaks out when he learns that Pam talked to Bobby instead of him and wonders whether their relationship really means something. Afton decides to go back to Cliff's apartment.

Sue Ellen comes to Peter's apartment. He says he's leaving Dallas to find a job somewhere else. Sue Ellen tries to convince him not to go but Peter says he can't focus on anything else but her, and it eats him up inside that they can't be together. Feeling responsible for Peter's misfortune, she agrees to see him at the apartment when she can.

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