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Best of the Best Poll

Here's the scenario: because of the Y2K panic, you've decided to have yourself cryogenically frozen for two thousand years. You're allowed to take a small container of personal items with you, but there's only room for one four-hour video cassette. So the question is: what four episodes will you put on your tape, and in what order will you tape them? The first three you'll have to select from the list; the fourth can be from the list, or it can be a sentimental favorite if you like.

On a personal level, I would ask you to PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR SELECTION CAREFULLY. Choose an episode because you feel it was a good EPISODE, not just because it had a moment you particularly liked or something like that. That's a whole other poll. I am going to leave this poll active for a while, so you don't have to vote right away if you don't want to.

Here are the candidates. I've included a brief note about them all. Click on the name of an episode to go to its summary if you need to refresh your memory.

Episode 1: Digger's Daughter
The first episode. Bobby brings Pamela home to a cold reception at Southfork, where Lucy warns Pam about the price of being a threat to JR. JR tries to keep Bobby out of the power structure at Ewing Oil and uses Ray Krebbs's old relationship with Pamela to separate his brother from his dangerous new bride.

Episode 5: Barbecue One
The Ewings and the Barneses are brought together at Southfork and Pamela tries to use her pregnancy to create peace amongst the characters. However, things turn awry and Pam loses her baby after falling during a conversation with JR in the hayloft.

Episode 35: The Dove Hunt
Jock, JR, Ray, and Bobby take a hunting trip to Louisiana and end up in gunfights with an old farmer who was pushed out of business by Ewing Oil. Jock reveals to JR that he was married once before meeting Ellie.

Episode 52: Jock's Trial, Part II
Cliff Barnes tries Jock Ewing for a thirty-year-old murder committed on Southfork. As the evidence mounts against Jock, a dying Digger Barnes reveals that he was the murderer and it was a crime of passion, after discovering that the unborn Pamela was not his child.

Episode 54: A House Divided
After bilking his business partners, spurning his wife and sister-in-law, denying Cliff Barnes his rightful share of Ewing wealth, and pushing his brother out of the house, payback hits JR with two bullets.

Episode 58: Who Done It?
As the family, the police, and Sue Ellen herself become more and more convinced that she was the one who attempted to kill her husband, she undergoes hypnosis and realizes that the real killer is her sister Kristin.

Episode 77: Ewing-gate
Sue Ellen enlists Pamela's help in bringing John Ross from Southfork to the Southern Cross; Kristin returns to Dallas with blackmail against Jordan Lee and JR in mind; Leslie Stewart teams up with Jeremy Wendell against Ewing Oil, which is under investigation for suspected financing of the Asian counter-revolution. JR manages to get key information about the case and the charges are dismissed. Cliff Barnes finds the body of a woman floating in the Southfork pool.

Episode 90: The Search
After hearing of the plane crash in South America which may have taken the life of their father, the Ewing boys head to the jungle to search for the truth about Jock. They return with his medallion, treasured memories, and heavy hearts.

Episode 131: Ewing Inferno
Pamela decides to help Bobby in his fight to gain control of Ewing Oil at the cost of their marriage; JR tries unsuccessfully to deal with his emotionally distraught wife after his infidelity and her car accident; after learning that a revengeful Walt Driscoll was responsible for his nephew's paralysis, Ray starts a fight with JR which ends up starting a wildfire at Southfork.

Episode 161: End Game
Clayton rallies the boys to rescue Miss Ellie from his psychotic sister Jessica so they can get married; Bobby's plans to marry Jenna perturb both Pamela and Katherine; JR runs Peter Richards out of Dallas; Cliff finally strikes oil in the Gulf; Bobby is shot in JR's office.

Episode 191: Swan Song
Dusty's reappearance in Dallas causes unhappy Sue Ellen to go on another drinking binge, as JR plots to get her out of his life for good; troubled Donna finally reveals to Ray that she is pregnant; Jenna's apprehension about marriage causes Bobby to repledge his love to Pamela, but their bliss is short-lived as he is run down by the maniacal Katherine.

Episode 192: Rock Bottom Part I
In the aftermath of Bobby's tragic death, Pamela and Jenna try and deal with their individual senses of loss; Ellie tries to keep the family together; bitter JR turns Sue Ellen out into the street and says a moving goodbye to his little brother.

Episode 222: Blast from the Past
Angelica Nero resurfaces in Dallas to complete her revenge against Jack and JR; the presence of mysterious Ben Stivers troubles Jack as he plans to leave Dallas; Angelica's efforts miss their marks but endanger Jamie and Sue Ellen; Pamela marries Mark Graison but awakes the next morning to find Bobby in her shower.

Episode 251: Fall of the House of Ewing
Sue Ellen abruptly ends the Dallas modeling career of Mandy Winger; Jenna gives birth to Bobby's son, while Christopher has an identity crisis upon learning that he was adopted; despite their best efforts to prevent it, JR and Bobby are forced to give up Ewing Oil in the wake of the B.D. Calhoun scandal; after discovering that she is able to have children, Pamela is badly hurt in a car accident. 

Episode 356: Conundrum
After losing Ewing Oil, Southfork, and John Ross, JR is granted a vision of what his family's life would have been like if he had never been born. His vision fills him with despair and his guide Adam encourages him to take his own life.

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Fourth place: [feel free to comment about any of your choices].

Note: I'm still finding a way to get the buttons to take you someplace. Rest assured that clicking the 'Submit' button sends your responses.

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